Celebrating the Day of People’s Unity

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November 4 is a national holiday in Russia. We celebrate the Day of People’s Unity. It’s a new patriotic holiday when people celebrate the unity among different nationalities and show their care for others. In many towns and cities festive events take place. As much as possible people do something good and kind to the needy.

Russian Churches of Evangelical Faith celebrate this holiday by organizing festive events for orphans and widows, charity activities that help them to share the Good News with people around them.

On Saturday, November 5 Nehemiah Church in Omsk organized a special event for children. It was a real festival. Social ministry of the church along with a Christian puppet theater “Karkusha” and children's ministers were responsible for this event.

Two MC’s for the program were clowns – Victoria and Irena. They played roles of uncle Mokus and Funtik the Piglet. The program included different games and activities, as well as competitions and a drawing contest.

Some children came with their parents and grandparents. Among children there was a special group of kids from one of the city’s orphanages, and also kids from disadvantaged families. They all actively participated in the activities and games and received prizes.

The highlight of the festival was a puppet show. This show was about happiness. All children and adults watched the play with a great interest. The plot of the play was built around a little girl who as looking for an answer to the question: "What is true happiness and where to find it?". Searching for happiness she meets different people, and everyone has found their happiness in different things – beauty, power, studies, wealth. But none of these people is really happy: one is lacking money, the other – knowledge, the third – power, etc. In the end, the main character meets a girl who introduces her to Jesus, because only Jesus gives true happiness. The answer is very simple – there is no happiness without God!

At the end of the play children received copies of the "Book of Hope" that would tell them more about Jesus who could make them truly happy in life. Also, all children had a chance to take pictures with each other and with the characters of the play. It was so rewarding to see children's smiles and hear their laughter.

Christina Zhemoldinova

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    GROZNY (CHECHNYA, RUSSIA) – The Interregional Charity Organization ‘Christian Relief Society’, which is based in Omsk (Russia), participated in a children’s festival in Grozny timed for the International Children's Day on June 1. There was a number of meetings in schools and children’s hospitals. The ‘Christian Relief Society’ employees greeted children and gave them gifts. Children and adults were very pleased and grateful for the organized activities. 

    Based on materials from help-omsk.org

  • 17 people dedicate their lives to Christ in Omsk 17 people dedicate their lives to Christ in Omsk

    OMSK (RUSSIA), Jan 25 – Seventeen people joined the "Nehemiah" church in Omsk. On Saturday morning in the presence of witnesses they dedicated their lives to the Lord by taking the water baptism and making pledges to serve God with pure hearts. The water baptism was conducted by a pastor Vadim Krivosheev and a deacon Igor Vostrikov.

    On the next day during the Sunday service the church welcomed and congratulated the new members of the "Nehemiah" church. Everyone who was baptized received photos from the event and certificates.

    Baptism – the commandment of Christ and the apostles: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them..." (Matt. 28:19), "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved..." (Mark 16:16), "Repent, and be baptized every one of you..." (Acts 2:38). "And he commanded them to be baptized..." (Acts 10:48). The above verses are taken from the Holy Scriptures to confirm that water baptism is a commandment of Christ and the apostles.

    Water baptism – is the next step after repentance, with which a believer affirms his faith in Christ in front of others. Therefore, baptism can be called a visible sign of faith.

    We congratulate everyone who was baptized and thank God for the growing church!


  • Christmas Celebration at Nehemiah Church in Omsk Christmas Celebration at Nehemiah Church in Omsk

    Omsk, Siberia – On Christmas Eve, January 6, 2013 Nehemiah Church gathered together, and held worship service all night to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Church sanctuary was full. Brothers and sisters from churches that belong to the Nehemiah Church Fellowship came to share the joy of Christmas.

    Each pastor prepared a short sermon. Testimonies, songs of praise to our Lord, prayers for the spiritual awakening of Omsk, for Russia, for the unsaved people – all that was offered to the Lord at this Christmas Eve. Youth group prepared a Christmas performance and handed out Christmas cards to all present. It was a good time, when the whole family could get together and praise the Lord.

    All of a sudden power went off and for some time the House of Prayer was lit by candles. The atmosphere was even more homely. There was online-streaming of the service and virtually everyone could attend the service.

    The service was finished with delicious Christmas dinner for all. We had a great family time!

  • Homeless Couple Become Pastor’s ‘Spiritual Heroes’ Homeless Couple Become Pastor’s ‘Spiritual Heroes’

    OMSK, RUSSIA (October 12, 2012) – Leonid Regheta, an Evangelical Covenant Church missionary, says a homeless couple are his new “spiritual heroes”. The couple, Igor and Svetlana, led him to re-evaluate his “spiritual and emotional attitude toward neighbors.” They also have encouraged him in his ministry – click here to learn more about him and his work.

     So what has so inspired Regheta? The couple had lived to get married and then invited a special group of guests.

    There had been the night Svetlana got drunk and fell out a four-floor window. There was the day that Igor, addled by drugs, got into a car accident that forced doctors to amputate one of his legs.

    After their accidents, they each gave their lives to Christ. Igor is now an evangelist and Svetlana works in a soup kitchen ministering to the homeless.

    When the two planned their recent wedding, their guest list was filled with the names of their homeless friends. “The entire fellowship hall was filled with the most fragrant aroma of God’s children partaking in the celebration.”

    Dennis Malyutin of the Nehemiah Church in Omsk, Siberia, said, “No one has even objected to having so many new and different people at our church’s celebration!”

    Even more inspiring than the story of Igor and Svetlana, Regheta says, is that other stories similar to theirs are repeated over and over as evangelical churches minister to people in drug-rehabilitation programs.

    “God is doing great miracles delivering people from evil, setting them free from bondages of drugs, alcohol and other chemical dependencies,” says Regheta, who has ministered in some of the centers. “About 85 percent of the people coming to Christ in Russian evangelical churches are those who go through church-run drug rehabilitation programs.”

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  • Women’s Ministry Festival in Omsk Women’s Ministry Festival in Omsk

    On the 8th of March people of Russia celebrate International Women’s Day. Though the history of this holiday goes back to the Soviet times as a holiday for working women it became a wonderful holiday to celebrate the joy of spring and new life. All men bring gifts to their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

    To celebrate this holiday on Saturday, March 10thNehemiah Church in Omsk, Siberia, held a festive meeting for women’s ministry called ‘Pearl’. Just like any Christian meeting, it began with praise and worship. The worship team led all women into God's presence.

    After praise and worship one of the leaders, Tamara Uporova, wished Happy Women’s Day to all. This meeting was an amazing time, when all women of the Nehemiah Church together praised the name of the Lord, enjoying His presence.

    Then everybody watched the video from one of the newly planted churches in the town of Achairsky. It was their holiday greeting for March 8th, which brought us only positive and joyous emotions. In this video many women, whom we knew, appeared in a new role :))

    I would also like to thank our children from Sunday school, who brought holiday wishes to their mothers and grandmothers and performed wonderful songs and poems. It is so good to see young children, glorifying God. “From the mouths of children and nursing babies you have ordained praise…” (Psalm 8:3).

    On this holiday, brothers of the church prepared us gifts and came to be with us. At the end of the service to everybody’s surprise men presented a gift to all sisters in the form of the real Uzbek meal – pilaf, which was prepared by our Uzbek brothers while women were in the meeting.

    It is so great that we had the opportunity to come together on a wonderful spring day! I wish that such meetings were held more frequently. All the sisters of our church are looking forward to the next meeting of ‘Pearl’ Women's Ministry. Once again ‘Happy Holiday’ to you, dear sisters!

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