The last shall be first

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OMSK (RUSSIA) - In the Omsk region there is a village of Louzino. Once it was quite large, but now there are only nine houses where people live. One of the nine houses recently got deserted. A tragedy happened: a man shot his wife and then shot himself. Scary and sad to know that did we get on time for them, the tragedy would not have happened.

Residents of other homes heard the word of God from us, and received a gift of the Gospel, but none of them expressed the desire to pray for the forgiveness of sins. The very last house in the village stood a little aside, and it did not look like someone lived in it. But we decided to check it out and when we came closer, we heard the barking of dogs. A man of about 35 years old came out to meet us. His name was Alexander.

Alexander spent several years in prison, and he was released recently. he came after his release to Louzino, to settle away from everyone and to live quietly not disturbing anyone. He had never met Christians, and if he ever thought about God, he decided that God, as well as people around, did not care about him. And only after hearing the message that God was always there for him and wanted to forgive his sins, Alexander, perhaps for the first time realized that he was not alone in this world. He realized that even if he goes away from people, he could not hide from God, and what for?! After all, He loves people! Alexander gladly prayed and asked the Lord to forgive his sins. And we gladly gave him a Bible, blessed him, and went to another village.

The team of the Nehemiah Church, Omsk

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