Salvation is the most important

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OMSK REGION - Koutouzovka village in Omsk region is quite large – there are about 260 households in it. People here are sociable and friendly. A young woman Svetlana lives in this village. Most recently, she had a trouble in the house.

On a local collective farm she kept her own horse, but recently for some reason, the horse died. To anyone it would seem not a big deal, just a horse! But for Svetlana and her family it was a source of income. Svetlana grieved at the loss of her horse. Nobody, of course, taught her to pray, and she did not really believe in God. But having learned about the incident, she desperately prayed to the Lord for help as she could. And how surprised she was to see that God indeed sent her some consolation almost immediately after the prayer.

Two missionaries knocked at her door, and said that they brought the good news. They shared with Svetlana that God loves her and is very aware of her loss. Svetlana was amazed that, indeed, she felt better when the guys told her about the Lord Jesus Christ, who helps in any trouble, wipes tears and forgives sins. They invited her to pray the prayer of salvation, which she did. Then they prayed together about the situation, for God to step in and help. We believe that God sends His missionaries to people so that they could share someone’s grief and support them with a prayer. But most importantly, the whole purpose is to bring them to Himself.

Ivan Pavlov

Team of the Nehemiah Church, Omsk

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